February 17, 2021

How To Dab? By Assistant Lead Budtender Jack Sabato

High Quality Dabs should taste like the cannabis strains from which they were extracted. The flavor of Gorilla Glue (GG) shatter should be like GG flower. If you purchased Lemon Kush dabs without a fruity, lemon flavor, you should discuss this discrepancy with your local budtender. Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles or simply stated - Dab Concentrates all have a shelf life. Stored correctly your dabs will not expire for about a year. Make sure to store your dabs in a cool, dry, dark area. Direct light and heat will ruin the potency of your dab, and exposure to significant moisture could result in mold and would be unhealthy for consumption.

This blog post is all about helping you get into dabs and to not feel overwhelmed when (no pun intended) dabble into this wonderful form of cannabis. Time and time again customers come into the store and wonder about the world of dabs and how to get involved and try it out. Don’t feel overwhelmed because of the parts you need or a lack of knowledge I will be here to guide you! So take a step into this virtual learning session!                                                             

When getting into dabs the first thing you will need is a rig or someway to vaporize the cannabis concentrate. There are many water pipe style rigs you can get right at your local AK SlowBurn. A note of importance is that using a water rig will make the hit smoother and not as harsh because of the water cooling the smoke when inhaling. Once you find the style of rig you want next is to move on to the attachment. Don’t worry though this attachment usually comes with the rig and it's not complicated to obtain. I recommend just out of experience to get a smaller dab rig, works best trust!                                                    

Image result for dab torch

Next you will need the attachment that you heat up and where all the action happens and it's called a banger! You will also need a torch to heat up this unit. This attachment works like your regular cannabis flower bowl. However you will need a torch to allow this to work properly.  A regular lighter wont work the same due to it not having enough heat. You will need to use the torch to heat underneath the banger. Picture your banger as a bucket and you want to heat the bottom of it because that is where you will drop the dab into. Check this picture as an example.                         

Heat the banger like shown in the picture and wait until it's noticeable red hot.                           

Next go ahead and scoop some of your dabs on your dab tool. 

Make sure your banger is nice and red hot. Depending how hot of a hit you want you can wait between 5-20 seconds for your banger to cool down. The colder it is though the more likely it will be that the dab won't burn all the way. Practice makes perfect here so start with a small dab so you don’t waste any! Vise versa if the banger is too hot then you might burn the dab and then the smoke might be very hot.              

This is a basic rundown of how to dab correctly. It's not that much work and can be a rewarding way to enjoy all of your cannabis needs. Stop by your local AK Slowburn to check out our selection!