About Us

Our Story

AK Slow Burn opened our doors on August 16, 2017, and started dispensing recreational cannabis products to the Anchorage marijuana community. Family owned and operated, our dispensary strives to offer competitive prices and a deep inventory of local Alaskan cannabis goods. Our number one goal is to provide Anchorage cannabis consumers with superior customer service. Anchorage marijuana patrons with questions are welcome to stop by AK Slow Burn or connect with our team by phone or email.

AK Slow Burn is ALL About YOU the Customer!

The goal at AKSB is to provide the best informed and knowledgeable Customer Service we continuously improve on, while delivering the best handmade Pre-Rolls in Anchorage Alaska. Also providing High Quality, High THC packaged cannabis flower at affordable prices our customers appreciate. When the Cultivators offer us a break in pricing, we ALWAYS pass that savings on - straight to our customers and they do appreciate that!

YOU, the Customer Come First.

We start every staff and Budtender weekly meeting with an update and review of our Customer Service & Care program. We are here to help our customers feel at home in our open, friendly, and informative “Legal Cannabis Retail Store” and find the “Right Stuff” for you. Making a sale takes a backseat to your Happiness. AKSB believes a Happy Customer will be more supportive and valuable to the Cannabis Industry as we all grow in our understanding and knowledge of all things Cannabis.

Friendly Staff

Welcome to our “Little House of Happiness” we ARE here for YOU. Please ask our staff about ANY questions you may have.

Alaskan Marijuana

We currently support 34 fulltime Alaskan Cannabis Cultivators sourcing the Highest Quality / Highest THC Cannabis at the “Best Price”.

Open All Year

Our stores are open 10 am - 10 pm every day 365 days a year. Open on Holidays, Weekends, Snowstorms, Power Outages, Earthquakes, and Pandemics

We strive to be a positive influence in Anchorage and particularly in the eastern Downtown community. All of our employees actively take part in keeping the area surrounding our location clean while looking out for the interest of those around us. An active member of the Mountain View Community Council, we, with the help of our patrons have donated over $10,000 to the Community Council and over $13,000 to the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club. It is our pleasure and our determined goal to improve the quality of life in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We are open and ready to serve you from 10 am to 10 pm, 365 days a year.

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! You can earn a point per dollar spent. When you reach 420 points, you receive 20% off on up to 5 items. Our loyalty members also receive discount for; Senior (65+), Veteran/Military, Birthday and more! Be sure to ask your budtender about signing up for the FREE loyalty program.

Can I order online?

We are not currently offering this option. If this is something you would like to have us do, please be sure you let us know via our contact email info@akslowburn.com, if we get enough interest we can evaluate offering this to our customers.

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We do however make sure we are here to take care of your cannabis needs 365 days a year. Come on down!

Are your marijuana products cultivated in Alaska?

Yes! As the Alaskan marijuana market expands, there are a lot of options in terms of cultivators. While this is good for the market in general, we are very selective about the cultivators that we works with. We choose to foster relationships with cultivators that provide us with consistently high quality cannabis grown in a safe and healthy manner and environment.

Do you sell edibles?

Yes! We have an extensive selection of marijuana edibles including baked goods, chocolates, gummies, candies, beverages (You HAVE to try the lemon Hashaid), almond butter, THC cooking oil and more.

Do sell concentrates or dabs?

Yes! We sell high quality Shatter, Crumble, Wax, FECO oil, rosin, borosilicate's, kief and more.

How about THC Vapes?

Yes! We have a broad selection of your favorite strains and flavors in vape cartridges and casino vape pens from multiple manufacturers for your perusal. We even have CBD heavy and CBD only vapes!

I don't want THC products.  Do you sell CBD only products?

Yes! We have a full selection of CBD products that contain 0% THC. These include CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, CBD bath bombs, CBD chocolates and candies, CBD gummies with Melatonin, CBD capsules and even SPRIG CBD sodas. We also carry a full line of CBD products for pets.

How are your Pre rolls graded?

Flower Pre-rolls = Grade "A", Immature Buds Pre-rolls = Grade "B", and Trim Pre-rolls = Grade "C".

How is your flower graded?

Flower = "A-1", Flower = "B-2", and Flower = "C-3".